Kyrenia Mountain trail Association incorporating North Cyprus Trails

The Kyrenia Mountain Trail Association (KMTA) is a non-profit making organisation, which exists to promote, maintain and encourage tourism into the area. Sponsored by individuals, companies, and others, the Association has managed to be very pro active in making the Trail into a Tourism Product.

Cape Korucam
View up the Karpaz from Kantara Castle
Cape Zafer

The Association was the first to 'way mark' a trail from Cape Zafer to Cape Korucam, some 5 years ago. However, this has now been superceded by a paint-marked trails system implemented by the TRNC Environmental Protection Department (EPD) financed by the EU Natura 2000 project. It has therefore been decided to avoid confusion and save on unnecessary expenses, to make use of these trails and the infrastructure provided by the project. ie Trailhead notice boards , information boards and Visitor centres.

The North Cyprus Tourism Department has produced a booklet called "North Cyprus Trails - Walking in Nature" which you can find at any Tourist Information Centre in the TRNC, while stocks last. Please visit and for more information. This publication is free.

We have produced walking maps from this booklet which we have designed so that you have all the information for each stage on one A4 sheet. From this you can work out your days trip by distance, time and difficulty. There are 16 maps that cover the North Cyprus trails. There is a small charge for these maps with GPS as a gpx file. You may just want the one map of the area you are staying in or you may want to walk/ride the KMT in it's entirety, east to west or west to east.

We have now incorporated our sister site North Cyprus Trails into this site so we can offer support not only for the complete KMT but give you ideas for the area you are staying in using the KMT in that area, along with other EPD marked trails.

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